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10 tips to becoming a storage whizz

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Are you looking around your room and thinking, “Where’s Marie Kondo when you need her?” We’ve all been there, and it can take a lot to motivate yourself when your room or home is looking cluttered and disorganised. The question is, where to begin?  

Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief because we’ve got 10 simple storage tips to make your life that little bit easier.


  1. Declutter

Step one: choose a room. Step two: open the cupboards. Step three: take a look at your belongings and remove anything you no longer use or need. You’ll be surprised by how much you can throw away, donate or sell! 3 steps and you’re done here. Easy.


  1. Figure out your storage

Stop right there! I see you are headed to IKEA for a new storage unit or chest of drawers. Before making any hasty purchases, measure your room, drawers and shelves to ensure you come home with furniture that suits the space to a tee.


  1. Got a nook?

Some homes are haunted by nooks and crannies that make for awkward furniture and storage placement – but never fear. Analyse your space and get creative in how you utilise such void spaces. For example, maximise your understaffs space by storing large or cumbersome items here, freeing up space in other areas of the home. Voids can be seriously functional with a little imagination and smarts.


  1. Store by size

A good rule of thumb when storing items in a wardrobe or bookshelf is to start with smaller pieces in the centre of the shelf, working outwards with bigger items at the ends. For safety reasons, place light but bulky items such as pillows and doonas on a high shelf, and heavier objects on lower shelves.


  1. Label your containers

If you’re short on time and in need of that non-descript thingamabob, labelled containers will help you cut to the chase! Find what you need instantly with containers, crates and tubs that are clearly marked, and group similar categories together for ease of use. You could also use matching labels on mismatched containers to help create visual cohesion. Khloe Kardashian is the Queen of neatly labelled storage containers filled with random items It’s time to channel your inner Koko folks.


  1. Low-level storage for the kids

A tidy home can suddenly switch to chaotic within a matter of seconds when there are children involved. That’s why I recommend utilising under-bed storage as much as possible, and other low-level storage such as a display case or low-rise dresser in your child’s room to encourage little hands to become little helpers when it’s time to tidy up. 


  1. Store your seasonal items away

You don’t need your swimmers, trunks and sarong all year long. Nor do you need your weatherproof jacket and long johns during the warmer months. Invest in a few space bags and vacuum pack those seasonal items away until it’s time to use them again, and enjoy more space in your closet! You’ll be surprised how compact space bags are once filled and the air removed. Hello storage hero!


  1. Use dividers and organisers

Ever moved into a new home and whilst unpacking your kitchen items, realised you’re without a cutlery tray? That top drawer can get hectic real quick, so it’s best to take a look at what you own and buy a drawer organiser that works for you. Whether it’s wire shelving for your ceramic plates, dividers for your folders or a tray for your cutlery, organisers such as these are essential for an ordered kitchen.


  1. Make use of empty space dead space

This may come off as obvious, but using every inch of empty area is key to making the most of the storage in your home. If you’re placing small boxes, blankets or pillows on the top shelf of your wardrobe, for example, ensure they fit in snug with no gaps in between. I would even suggest placing your pillows and other light items on top of the boxes if your storage space allows, to help you free up a large chunk of space on the shelf itself. Got a corkboard? Pin your notes into the corners and along the borders to maximise space and avoid obscuring those bills and notices you’ve pinned up as a reminder.


  1. Stick to your cleaning schedule

Here’s a tip I urge you to stick to (and trust me – your future self will thank you!). Give yourself deadlines to complete certain cleaning or sorting tasks, and stick to them. Exhausted after a long day at work but hate the thought of washing that stack of dishes? Don’t go to bed now folks! Why not listen to a podcast or watch your favourite TV show as you wash the dishes? Trust me, you will feel more refreshed and motivated waking up in the morning to a sparkling clean kitchen.

The same goes for all those other chores that we all dread: folding the washing, putting it away, vacuuming, putting the trash out… the list goes on! If you stick to your deadline every time, you’ll always wake up to an orderly home.

And that’s how you become a storage star, my friends.

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