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Top 5 Autumn Home Maintenance Tips


Ah, Autumn. That time of year when red and gold maple leaves blanket the grass; when friends and family sit on the porch together drinking hot cups of tea and watching the last leaves fall from the deciduous trees in the yard; and when homeowners stop and think “I really need to clean out those gutters…”

When seasons change, so too do our priorities around the home – and Autumn is no different. Far from feeling invigorated by the fresh air and floral scents of Spring when many of us are motivated to deep clean our homes, Autumn offers an opportunity to care for your home’s exterior, likely due to the sudden (and welcome) drop in temperature.

There are a number of outdoor maintenance tasks that typically need attention by this time of year. So let’s take a look at the Top 5 jobs to look out for when providing your home with a little autumnal TLC.



Vibrant fallen leaves on grass? Good. Mass amounts of fallen leaves in your gutters? Bad. As we all know, the Aussie weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. This is why it’s important to keep on top of your gutters at all times, but especially in the Autumn when trees are shedding their leaves en mass.

Gutters blocked with leaves and other garden matter can cause ongoing problems for your property if not tended to regularly – especially when heavy rainfall is expected. This can lead to water damage problems with your interior walls such as peeling paint, damp spots or mould – not only gross, but also a danger to your health!

Then there’s sustainability and green living. If, like me, you are big on recycling water and reducing waste, you’ll want to ensure your gutters are clear so you can maximise your rainwater collection.

And lastly, stormwater drains and downpipes are another area of concern when it comes to managing those pesky fallen leaves. Best tidy up any loose garden matter around your property and driveway to reduce the risk of flooding.


Garden Maintenance

Tired of clipping back that unruly rosebush on a regular basis, only to see it grow ten feet overnight – and in all the wrong ways? Ok – maybe not ten feet, but you see where I’m going with this. Summer can be a nightmare when it comes to pruning our gardens. Not only can the heat be horrendous (and dangerous) to work in, but also you may have noticed your plants simply love to grow at a fast rate with a little water and TLC each day.

That’s why Autumn is the best time of year to get on top of any pruning and trimming jobs. With trees and shrubs entering a state of winter dormancy, plant growth is slowing and will thrive by having the ‘dead weight’ cut off. Less work now means superb growth later.

Keeping our sometimes insane Aussie weather in mind, any dangerous tree limbs such as those threatening to fall on your home or hit a power line should be removed immediately. The last thing you need when one of those severe storms hit is a caved in roof!


Door Seals

When we say goodbye to summer, we also say a big “oh, hey there!” to internal drafts. Winter isn’t all that cosy when you have chilling evening air blowing through gaps in your outer doors or internal doors leading in from the garage.

To keep warm in the winter and save major dollars on heating, I recommend blocking gaps underneath these doors using a door snake or draft stopper. Though if it’s your windows causing callous offence, a fresh application of sealant should solve the problem in no time!


Plumbing and Pipes

When the temperature drops to an all-time low, it’s no surprise that, just like us, exterior pipework struggles to function to its highest degree. While we humans enjoy heated air conditioning to keep the ol’ bones warm, our home’s pipework receives no luxury and is forced to continue as before… that is, unless it is properly insulated.

Now that Autumn is here, it’s time to act quickly before your Winter worries begin. Prevent plumbing issues caused by frozen or expanding pipes by providing insulation to your external pipework.

And if you already have plumbing insulation, it’s important to know that these materials eventually wear down, so be vigilant and keep some extra tubing on hand, just in case.


Roof Repairs

As you’re cleaning out the gutters, there is no better time to check your roof for holes, rusted metal sheets or damaged tiles. If you do find a flaw, act fast! Putting off jobs like this can mean serious implications for the inside of your home if the weather shifts to nasty.

If you think you may have a leak in your roof, or you’re unsure how to best check your roof’s current state, a professional roof plumber can make an assessment and organise repairs efficiently where needed.


We all know winter is the time to hibernate while the temperature continues to drop outside. Keeping cosy and warm inside our toasty homes after an icy walk, drive or commute home from work is always first preference, so be sure to make the most of this gorgeous autumnal weather by getting those necessary home maintenance tasks out of the way before Winter steals your motivation.