Why Use a Buyers Agent?

If it is estimated that buying a property will cost you 200 hours of your spare time, it seems sensible to enlist the help of a Buyers Agent to assist you in this process. Real estate sales agents are more likely to contact a Buyers Agent who will have clients on hand that are qualified buyers than list a property on the current softening market and hope for the best. For those seeking to purchase property, engaging a Buyers Agent allows them to leverage the networks held by Buyers Agents, including access to the increasing volume of properties that are held off market.

Below are the four most pertinent reasons to enlist the services of a Buyers Agent for your property purchase.

1) A Buyers Agent Can Save You Money

The most beneficial reason for you to enlist the services of a Buyers Agent when you are looking to purchase property is that an expert Buyers Agent will save you money.

A top tier Buyers Agent has their finger on the real estate market pulse and is most often able to acquire your desired property at a substantially lower price than if you were to simply purchase the property yourself.

The best Buyers Agents are attuned to the property market, possess high level negotiation skills, and are able to close the deal to benefit their client’s pocket. 

At Kitty & Miles we generally save our clients tens of thousands of dollars on their property purchase. Every client of ours, 100% of our clients, state that our fee was a smart investment that saved them money on their property purchase.

Sydney property buyers agent

2) A Buyers Agent Can Save You Valuable Time

The property market is not easy for the general public to navigate. It often takes many hours scouring real estate based websites and multiple weekends spent attending open houses. Even then you may find yourself missing out on your desired property and having to begin the process all over again. It may take you 6-12 months to source and secure the property you are content with.

With so much of your valuable time spent on the property search and acquisition process we ask: what is your free time worth to you? Allow us, as your dedicated Buyers Agent, to give you back your after hours down time, to give you back your relaxing weekends. Let us do the running around for you. 

Even better, by enlisting a professional Buyers Agent to assist in the purchase of your property you are cutting down the time it takes to acquire your desired property. What may take you 6-12 months to undertake will likely take the team at Kitty & Miles 1-2 months. We have a network of sales agents we liaise with regularly, combined with the skill and precision in market negotiations, to close the deal and have you owning your property sooner. 


3) A Buyers Agent Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Quality Buyers Agents know all the ins and outs that may be encountered during the property acquisition process. Their expertise assist you in avoiding making mistakes that could prove costly for you, the buyer.

Enlisting the services of a licensed Buyers Agent ensures you have professional advocacy and assistance at every step of the property purchasing process. A Buyers Agent knows what to look out for when purchasing property – the due diligence measures that should be applied prior to signing a sales contract, the items to look out for when inspecting a property, the details to note when reviewing building and pest reports, how to negotiate the sales process, how to bid successfully at auction…and the list goes on.

Any errors in the conduct of the above could prove very costly – in terms of both time and money – for you, the buyer. Such mistakes can be comfortably avoided by enlisting a licensed Buyers Agent to assist you in the property acquisition process.

4) A Buyers Agent Can Find You The Best Property Suited To Your Needs

  • Are you looking for a property that is going to provide you with solid rental income?         
  • Are you looking for a property that is likely to increase in value within the next 3 years?
  • Are you looking for your new home and have a list of essential features you wish the property to have?        
  • Are you purchasing a property in Australia but currently live overseas and don’t know where to begin?               

A skilled Buyers Agent will be able to able to create an individually tailored property sourcing strategy that is suited to your unique client brief. In essence, this means a quality Buyers Agent will find exactly the right property for you according to your needs, in the best location.

The experience and expertise of a Buyers Agent allows them to access networks of sales agents and private sellers (vendors) that you, yourself, may not have access to. This allows you to have exposure to a variety of potentially suitable properties that you otherwise may not have seen. Rather than you wasting your time viewing multiple properties only to find they aren’t the right property for you, a Buyers Agent is able to expertly shortlist suitable properties for you and ensure you pay attention to only those properties that are suited to you individual circumstances.