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4 easy ways to choose the right color scheme for your home

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Did you know that when it comes to revamping your home, many interior designers advise painting the interior walls last? Before you can say, “Kitty, that’s a little backwards!” keep in mind that it’s easier to change the color of your walls than it is to alter the color of all the furnishings in your house.

But what color to choose? I believe there is no right or wrong color or shade to choose when it comes to decorating your home, because taste is totally subjective. But that said, there are 4 sure-fire tips I recommend you follow when it comes to painting the walls of your home without regret.


Consider your whole home

When it comes to selecting your wall paint colors, remember: it’s not just about one room. You can still have consistency throughout your property without committing to the same color or shade of paint in every single room. 

Mixing shades throughout your home is actually easier than it sounds. Start by selecting a dark colour, follow it up with a lighter shade, complement them by introducing a nice bright shade, and voila! When you disperse these three shades throughout your home, you instantly achieve consistency with flair. 


Find inspiration

It’s not enough to simply wing it when it comes to painting your walls, and sometimes grabbing those little color palette cards at the local paint store isn’t enough to help you visualise how a room will look once the job is complete. 

Collecting interior design examples is a must before embarking such a large creative project. Start by flicking through some home reno magazines, perusing the internet or making a vision board of the types of aesthetics you’re interested in recreating. 

Remember to pay attention to the proportions of each color and shade, as this will help you avoid an imbalance of hues when you start painting. 


Your outdoor view matters

Thinking of taking a bold leap with the color of your walls? Sounds great! But first, let’s take a peep through your windows to the world outside.

When you stand within your room, what can you see through your windows or glass sliding door? If your view is one of beautiful, bright foliage and vibrant flowering plants, you might want to opt for a more neutral shade of wall paint to balances the color explosion outside. Think about it. If your garden is abundant with pastels and your walls ‘compete’ with those colors, you’ll end up with a chaotic aesthetic. 

Your wall color should complement the outdoor space you see from the inside, which means taking into consideration the color of your fences and outdoor furnishings, too. 


Take light into account 

Natural light is important when it comes illuminating your home. A room that is flooded with natural light will always be the easiest to style, but do keep in mind that natural light changes from dawn to dusk, so picking up a variety of paint color swatches to test on your walls at different times of the day is a must. 

Rooms that rely on unnatural light will require a totally different approach. In this case, you’ll need to consider what type of electrical light you use, as different bulbs will emit different types of light: incandescent light bulbs typically emit light that is redder and warmer than natural sunlight, while fluorescent lights create a cooler effect. 


At the end of the day, the color you choose to paint your walls is subjective! Just be sure to maintain the flow and furnishings in your home for better consistency, and most importantly: don’t rush! Also remember that consistency is key when it comes to wall paint – both in and outside of your home.

Keep these simple steps in mind as you embark on your interior decorating project to ensure a fun and successful venture is had. Enjoy!

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