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4 Exciting Interior Design Trends of 2022

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Seeing how design trends change over time is always exciting, as it gives us a preview into what our home interiors will look like in the future. And if we listen to the wise words of professional designers, 2022 is shaping up to be one of the more exciting years for home decorating and interior design.


So what styles, colours, textures and patterns are likely to be in demand this year, and what areas of your home could do with a revamp? 



Mix and match your prints


While I love cohesion and simplicity, I totally adore cosiness and character. As patterns often reference a point in time, place or culture, mismatching patterns can make for a really interesting and warm aesthetic in your home – especially when those patterns are used to make and showcase handcrafted items.


Depending on your print or pattern choices, you can either energise your space or imbue a feeling of calm. For example, if your walls are painted with a dull or neutral colour, layer cushions of different textures and patterns, and showcase a variety of upholstery styles to create a more vibrant atmosphere. 


On the flipside, if you have wallpapered rooms or walls painted in bright and bold colours, offsetting this with mild and modest accessories in neutral colours and shades is key to creating a calm atmosphere in a visually loud space. Let your creative license run free.



Make it glamorous with linen


Elegance and ambience is making a comeback in the interior design world it seems, and designers have a simple suggestion to get you headed in the right direction: sheer linen curtains that billow in the breeze. Simply divine!


It’s a timeless look that anyone can achieve with very little effort. As linen works in any room of the house – particularly bedrooms for their block-out capabilities, they are the home design hack you need right now to achieve a cosy and homely atmosphere in your house for an affordable price.


Experts suggest pairing soft shades and colours with brass rods for a gentle and sophisticated look. Place the rod just under the cornice or 3/4 above the architraves to create the idea of height and spaciousness in your room.



Ceilings that make you go “wow!”


Ceilings have long been forgotten when it comes to interior design. “No one’s looking at the ceiling, so why would I do anything with it?” is a familiar sentiment, and for a long time I felt the same way. But guys, what if we had it backwards all along, and no one is looking at the ceiling because we were giving them nothing to look at?!


Recently I spoke with an interior designer who made the bold suggestion that homeowners could maximise the potential of their rooms if they just decorated their ceilings. Wild idea, huh?


Bold geometric patterns, murals, florals, and textured papers such as rattan or seagrass are said to be on the rise in the interior design world, and it makes sense. Think about it. If you’re living in a home where a particular design feature disrupts your décor theme, an interesting ceiling will draw attention away from the problem.


Not only will it be visually stimulating, it will add instant opulence to your living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway.


Green should be seen


As our society is moving towards a more environmentally friendly way of life, expert designers suggest embedding green into your home to promote a tranquil vibe; this will also have a profound and positive effect on your mental wellbeing, because as everyone knows, green is a calming colour – perhaps due to its connotations of the outdoors.


If you’re not sure which green will work best in your home, look to nature’s palette for inspiration. If you live in a forested area, you might like to introduce hints of deep forest greens to your interior. On the other hand, if your home is situated in the bush, eucalypt and sage may be a better choice for you with less stark contrast with the outside world.


However, the shades of green you settle upon will mostly be dependent upon the colour of your walls, your existing furniture and of course, must agree with your own personal preferences.


So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to reinvent your interior, these 4 tips are your starting point to creating a whole new look in your well-loved home. With a little planning, discussion and negotiation with those you share your home with, and a little bit of elbow grease, your outdated rooms can be brought back to life once again.


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