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Buyers Agent Sydney

Awarded Australia’s #1 Buyers Agent of the Year for 2023

An unlikely combination of award-winning statistical analysis and super-friendly intuitive service will make your home buying experience with us an absolute, unwavering success.

With our secret property buying methods, we’ll typically have you going from service engagement to purchase in under 6 weeks.

Using real-time data-driven property metrics has helped us achieve a great stat of our own –                            our 100% success rate. That means we are a sure thing, not a gamble.

With state and national awards under our belt, our innovative property buying know-how gives you the buying edge.

We provide dedicated, personalised service for all kinds of home buyers and investors, not just married couples with 2.3 kids. We’ll help you find what’s right for you – right now.

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About Us

We are a multi-award winning boutique Sydney Buyers Agent service advocating on behalf of residential property buyers across NSW and multiple states throughout Australia. Our loyalty lies squarely with the buyer, no double dipping, only top-notch customer service and innovative data-driven property buying.

Our Services

Every buying situation is different, so we provide a range of service packages to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re seeking an auction bidding service, inspection companion, evaluation and negotiation, SMSF property buys, property management or our concierge full search service, you’re always welcome at Kitty & Miles.

Flat Fees

We don’t believe in commissions. Our story is built around openness and transparency, so we make sure our fees are known up front – and they won’t change, no matter what price you pay for your property. Our fees are competitive but we are not ‘cheap’. We do not accept commissions or fees from sales agents. We only want the best for buyers.

Contact Us

Allow our award-winning team to add value to your property purchasing experience – saving you time, energy and money. 

From start to purchase in typically under 6 weeks – all with a 100% success rate.

Call us or email us. There is no obligation.

We are the property buyers advocate : your exclusive Buyers Agent.

(02) 8916 6172 | 0452 341 173 

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