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4 simple ways to personalise your home

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Feeling bored with your surrounds? Are your bedroom and living spaces feeling tired and dowdy? In the mood for a Springtime home makeover at little cost?

If you’re no longer feeling ‘connected’ to the interior of your home, it may be time to recreate that sense of belonging by adding a stylish twist that speaks directly to your tastes.

Here are four simple updates you can make to your home to reconnect with it once again. And remember, if you’re planning on customising the décor to suit your preferences, you never need to break the bank. Keep it simple.


Paint a feature wall

One of the fastest ways to make a bold and beautiful change in your room is to paint one wall a different and more vivid colour than the others. Where your walls are typically white, eggshell, or another neutral colour, paint one of your walls a bright red, teal or mustard yellow to make the furniture in this area ‘pop’.

Don’t fancy painting? Why not try your hand at wallpaper? Explore your print options and open yourself up to the idea of including interesting patterns or textures on your feature wall for a transformative new look that totally refreshes your room.


Add a mirror

Mirrors are not only functional; they’re a perfectly modest accessory to help your room look good by simply reflecting light around the otherwise dark or dingy space. In doing so, a mirror can make a small space appear larger – especially if positioned in such a way that it reflects the garden or scenic view outside your window.

But what size mirror will work best in your room? Consider the size of your space and work from there. A compact office space could benefit from a frameless slimline mirror hung above your desk, whereas a full-length mirror leaning against a wall may be exactly what your master bedroom needs to draw in the sunlight and visually expand your bedroom for a fresh new look.


Display your books

Whether you’re a book lover or you’ve just recently discovered your old collection of books locked in storage, it might be time to dust off your favourites and display them for your guests to see.

You could try grouping books by colour for a clever contemporary look; this helps to make your bookcase the vibrant centrepiece in your room, so your storage wall truly stands out as the talking point of your room when guests come to visit.

Want to jazz it up a little more? Try stacking your books in alternating directions: vertically and horizontally, leaning to the left, leaning to the right. You’ll also want to ensure there’s some room left for other items you wish to display, so try not to fill up your shelves at the get-go.


Create the ultimate ‘me’ space

If you’ve lived a particularly exciting life, or are simply proud of your achievements, why not create a display wall?

A personal gallery is a fabulous way to show your guests what matters most to you – whether it’s your annual holiday to Paris, your kids, your dogs, or your job.

Start by choosing the largest wall in your room, as this will be the ideal place to showcase your new gallery theme. Use picture hanging strips to display your photo frames or certificates, as these strips are removable and are less likely to damage the wall than a hammer and nail.

If you own your home and wish to build out the wall with some larger objects, try hanging temporary mini shelves upon your wall at various heights; this will allow you to add items such as small pot plants, figurines, or holiday treasures to your wall. Rotate your photos, paintings and accessories as often as you like to keep the feature wall looking fresh.

And there you have it! Four super simple ways to make you feel connected to your home again, just in time for Spring – and without spending a fortune. The key is to be as creative as you like – and remember that the only person you need to please is yourself.

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