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5 ways to keep your house warm this winter

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Is it just me or is this winter particularly biting? With the days feeling longer and colder than usual, and energy prices going through the roof now is more important than ever to use cost-effective methods to keep your house warm this winter.

But where to begin? People, I’ve got your back. Here are 5 tried and true tips you can use to keep heated without the excessive cost this winter.


Mind the gaps

A rather shocking fact I recently came across suggested that if you were to combine all the gaps and cracks that lead directly to the outdoors of your home, you’d be left with a gaping one-metre hole. Gross!

If you’re familiar with that invisible breeze in your home despite all your doors and windows being shut, there may be a few sneaky openings in need of repair. So, first things first: locate the holes.

Start by checking the seals around your windows. Continue with any cracks in the plasterboard, and check for any unsealed skirting boards. If your home includes any exposed brick walls, make sure you check for gaps between the brickwork and your window frame or plasterboard. And finally, consider the size of the gap between your front and back doors and the floor beneath.

Now it’s time to cover and seal. A trip to your local hardware store is essential here, as you will need to pick up the right bits and bobs that will help you get rid of that draught once and for all. Depending on the types of holes and openings you’re mending, you may consider adding weather stripping, silicone, and gap sealer to your list.


Lock in the heat

Here’s another statistic for you. If you leave your windows bare and uncovered, your home is losing up to 40% of the heat you generate inside – typically by artificial means such as an air conditioner or heater. That’s like throwing money away, and who can afford that these days?!

Here’s the fix. Invest in some heavy, insulated/lined curtains that extend beyond your window frames. It’s straightforward. The large, thick curtains act as a blocker between the indoor heat and the cold outdoors. By hanging such curtains, you not only feel cosier during the winter months, but also improve the energy efficiency in your home by retaining the warm air instead of letting it escape through the glass. Easy peasy!


It’s important to insulate!

Did you know roughly 35% of your home’s warmth is lost through the ceiling each winter? It makes sense, especially if your home is poorly insulated.

Do a little digging online to find a local professional who can insulate above your ceilings so that your home stays warmer for longer in the winter months and retains the cool air you generate in the summertime. It’s a win-win!


Sunlight is key

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the eastern sunrise through the windows of your home, you’ll be aware that that morning sunlight goes a long way to warming the inside of your property during winter.

Simply open your curtains or blinds when this light is due to spill in and be sure to close them again once the sun has moved on.

Likewise, if your home attracts the afternoon westerly sunset, welcome the sunlight with open curtains and open arms, and enjoy basking in its warmth until it’s time to say goodnight.


Rug up… with a rug!

Take a look at your floors. Are they carpeted? Tiled? Wooden floorboards?

If you’re walking around in slippers and bed socks all day long in an attempt to keep warm, it’s possible your floors lack insulation – and you know what that means.

If installing carpet flooring or cork subflooring isn’t an option, your next best solution is a good old-fashioned rug. If you aren’t sure how to choose the best rug for your home or room, start by taking a look at your décor and furnishings. Consider matching the colour scheme to your lounge for consistency, or get creative and add a splash of colour with a textured rug that contrasts with your current furniture setting.

There is no right or wrong here. Ensuring warmth and comfort in your home is the aim of the game, and following these 5 simple steps will ensure you reach your comfort goals sooner rather than later… without breaking the bank!

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