Auction Bidding Service

You've found your ideal property and have completed your due diligence and...

The property is being sold at auction.

How do you prepare on auction day?
How do you bid to win?
How do you stay cool and calm in the crowd?

With a 94% success rate at auction bidding, we are your best bet at acquisition via auction.

Buyers Agent Sydney - Sale By Auction Service


Auction Bidding What you need to know.

Auction bidding is not just about calling out numbers and holding up your bidder’s card for the auctioneer to see. It’s also not just about being the highest bidder at the fall of the hammer (though this is a fantastic result of course!).

To be an expert bidder at auction you must have unwavering strategy, as well as the ability to think fast and on your feet. There are many variables that are unknown before, and even during, the auction. To be able to successfully bid at auction and win time and time again, is a valuable skill that Kitty & Miles have expertly mastered.

Our goal is to be your expert auction day advocate, with a focus on winning your property and supporting you through the pre and post-auction process.

The Kitty & Miles team are post-graduate university educated and are highly attuned to the psychological and strategic nuances of auctions. This is exactly what our clients require so as to have the competitive edge on auction day.

Our Service To You. Our Strategy is to be the winning bidder.

Imagine having one of the best auction bidders in the business on your personal team at auction. Wouldn’t that be of great assistance to you?

Sales agents have commented “when Kitty starts to bid competition is immediately gobsmacked. She knows how to unnerve other bidders and take control of the auction room”.

If you are not feeling confident bidding on auction day it will show and it will effect your ability to win your property at auction.

Why take a gamble by bidding yourself when you can feel assured and confident of giving it your best shot by having an expert bidder with you at auction on auction day? By us winning you win.

What We Do For You.  Expertise in closing the deal via auction. 

Within our Auction Bidding Service we provide you with the following:

  • detailed pre-auction briefing regarding budget cut-off point;
  • comfort, support and guidance to calm pre-auction nerves;
  • strategic and expert bidding on your behalf on auction day;
  • assistance with contract signing should you be the winning bidder;
  • assistance with deposit payment should you be the winning bidder;
  • post-auction debriefing to help you feel comfortable and at ease after the auction.
Do you feel you may like a more comprehensive buyers agent service? Not a problem at all, we can assist! 
Please view our EVALUATION AND NEGOTIATION SERVICE or FULL SEARCH SERVICE for details on how we may offer our assistance during your property purchasing journey.
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