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7 pet-friendly plants for your interior

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If you’re in the mood to dress up your home’s interior with a little greenery, what better way to do it than with carefully curated indoor plants that are safe for your pets, too! 

As we enter into spring, introducing a splash of the outdoors into your home with a few gorgeous plants is the perfect way to create your zen. Luckily, there are a number of shrubberies you can display that without putting your fabulous four-legged friend in harm’s way. 

I may be a home buyers agent, but I’m also a rescue momma to seven fur babies! Making sure my indoor plant choices are also safe for the four-legged crew is of high importance. Here are my top seven indoor plant tips for fur mommas…


African violet

Its flowers emerge from the centre, making this houseplant a true stunner. With flowers that come in purple, white, or blue tones and contrast against its dark green leaves, the African violet is a pet-friendly indoor plant that not only looks amazing, but is easy to maintain as well. 

Best positioned in partial sunlight or under LED/fluorescent lights, just be careful not to overwater these beauties or their roots will rot. 


Bird’s nest fern

This plant is fun with its interesting crimped leaves. The bird’s nest fern handles humidity well, so bathrooms with filtered light are their ideal room. These plants can grow rather large if given the chance, and it doesn’t like to have its leaves handled, so be sure to give your bird’s nest fern the TLC (and space) that it needs to remain healthy. 



Add a little splash of colour to your room with the bromeliad! Just pop this cute plant in a bright and sunny position that receives a lot of light, I recommend a sunny windowsill. 

The bromeliad doesn’t need a lot of watering to survive, which makes this the perfect plant for residents without a green thumb! E.g. myself lol.



In my humble opinion, the orchid is one of the most gorgeous flowers and is a winner when it comes to indoor plant selection. Orchids look great on a bedside table, in your dining room, even in your bathroom! They grow best in partially sunlit spaces, and their flowers tend to last approximately two to three months before dying off. But don’t worry – those beautiful buds will come back better than ever the following season with the right care!


Parlor Palm

Our pets need fresh air as much as we do. That’s why adding a parlour palm plant to your room is a great idea! Not only is their elegant look timeless, it’s a plant helps to clean the air. It’s also super-easy to care for! 

Parlor palms are a great option for rooms that don’t receive a lot of natural light, as they can still grow steadily in darker spaces.


Ponytail palm

I do love a good desert-dwelling plant… why? Because they don’t require much water to survive, and are very easy to maintain! Though the name suggests this plant is a palm, it is actually a succulent, which means it stores water in its trunk. The ponytail palm is another pretty plant that thrives in sunlight, so try to place it in a sunny position.


Spider plant

An incredibly hardy plant, the spider plant is low maintenance and pet friendly. Growing fabulously in both indirect light and low light conditions, these popular plants look great on a desktop or hanging from a ceiling. The spider plant is easy to propagate from cuttings too, meaning you can grow your own mini-jungle over time from just one small plant!


Finding pet-friendly plants for your indoor space doesn’t need to be an overwhelming or costly project. Many plants can be grown from cuttings too, so if you have a family member, friend or neighbour with a green thumb, there’s no harm in asking for a clipping and advice on how to grow your clipping indoors.

Just remember, some plants may grow well in your house, but it’s important to research the species before introducing it to your home if you have pets that spend much time indoors.  

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