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Built-in Furniture

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Is your space too small for your big ideas?

Make space with built in furnishings.

Creating living space perfection is a full time gig. If you’re fanatical about your space, there will always be something you want to play with before ultimate perfection is achieved. And a big challenge many obsessive décor lovers face is the lack of space for their big, bold ideas – and furnishings.

If that sounds like you, built-in furnishings could just be the way forward.

Along with a meaningful approach to sustainability, a piece of built-in furniture allows us to lean into our indulgent sides and is an art form of its own.

Built in furniture can be used to complement existing pieces or you can go whole-hog and max out on built in pieces – either way you have the opportunity to maximise your living spaces. With many of us spending a lot of time at home of late, it’s no surprise we’re all looking to create more space in our lives.

Once we may have put up with an inefficient use of space, but now we want our homes to function the best they can. Many of us have tried shopping for that perfect piece of furniture only to find it doesn’t exist or fit our space – custom built-ins are the answer!

So what do you need to know if you’re thinking about going down the built-in path? Here’s an insight into some of the benefits.



Space maximisation.


Well, obviously! The main benefit of built-ins in the maximise every cm of floor space – no space whatsoever is wasted! There’s no such thing as an awkward shaped built-in, they’re all measured to fit the space. Things like built-in breakfast nooks, sofas, and desks are the ultimate when it comes to seamless integration. Ideal for small or pokey spaces, they can be created to fit perfectly and perform various functions, like storage and studying. Dining banquettes are also great space savers. Inspired by restaurant booths, they’re great for smaller rooms and look gorg in larger rooms too.



Functionality to a tee.


You’re not at the mercy of a designer designing for the masses, you can have your piece custom built by a cabinet maker, so it fits your space. You can also consider how lighting can be incorporated into the design. Think wall lights next to a floating shelf or pendant lights over a table. You can also look at different opening and automatic mechanisms to help them perform effortlessly. Plus you can adapt your design for cords – no one likes messy cords lying around.



Easy peasy, styling.


You can create a relaxed or sophisticated look simply by mixing up your materials. For large pieces like full height bookshelves, you should consider the era of your home when choosing materials. Things like window seating can add beautiful style as well as being for practical use – no better place to curl up with a book! You can add even more style and practicality with under bench draws for useful storage.


While all styles will eventually date, all your built in pieces can be as unique as freestanding pieces – there are many vintage pieces that are still loved today.



Remember to plan



Like with anything in interior décor, planning is everything! Built-ins are a serious commitment so make sure you map everything out and play with shapes and ideas until you are 100% happy with the layout. You can find stacks of inspiration online and in the glossies. Happy decorating!


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