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Clean your home in just 20 minutes!

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Your friends have texted and are on their way over for a catch-up over coffee and cake. “Hurrah!” you think, having missed their company over the Christmas break. But suddenly, you gulp as you realise that your house is in a true state. 

With limited time on your hands, you need to prioritise cleaning jobs so you can present the tidiest house possible in a short amount of time. With these super-cleaning tips, Kitty & Miles will have you serving up tea and biscuits to your buddies in a property so tidy it could pass as a display home! 


Prioritise your cleaning tasks

Don’t let the messy lounge, untidy kitchen or clutter overwhelm you. Let’s start your 20-minute super clean by focussing on the common areas – that is, any area your guests are likely to see and to utilise during their visit. 


Step 1

Pick up any odds and ends on surfaces such as tables or entertainment units, and place them in your spare room, linen closet or under stairs storage area. 


Step 2

Collect anything left on the floor such as children’s toys and books, your cat’s ball of yarn, or the TV remotes and place them back where they belong (or as in Step 1, pop it all in an out-of-sight area you can return once your guests have left). 


Step 3

Dust off all surfaces. This should take no longer than 2 minutes. 


Step 4

Run the vacuum over the floors. Ensure you get all the noticeable bits such as crumbs, fluff, dog hair or grass cuttings. Be thorough by vacuuming right to the edges of each common area for best results. Take off the head of the vacuum if a skirting board or corner appears extra dusty and target the area with the nozzle. 


Step 5

Wipe down all surfaces, including kitchen benches, table tops and hand rails. 


Step 6

The bathroom is a must. Start by spraying the basin with your chosen cleaning agent and letting it sit for a minute while you bleach the toilet bowl using a duck-head cleaner. 

Return to the basin, give it a quick wipe all over including around the faucet, and finish with a quick wipe of the mirrors. (For best results, see our tips to cleaning mirrors below!) 

Back to the toilet. Now grab your toilet brush, ‘flush and brush’ the toilet bowl, then conclude the bathroom cleaning with a quick wipe of the toilet seat and outside of the cistern. 

Add a fresh hand towel to the towel rack, and the hardest part of your 20-minute super clean is done!


Step 7

Now for the easy part. Throw a clean tablecloth over your dining table, and grab a fresh pack of napkins to keep out for your guests. Take out your favourite scented candle, set it somewhere out of reach that isn’t too hidden away so the smell courses throughout your home, and there you have it! Your 20-minute super clean is complete. 


How to achieve miraculous mirrors

No one likes a window or mirror with evidence of cleaning. But how do you achieve streak-free glass, especially when you’re in a rush? 

Start cleaning from the corners and edges. Use an old toothbrush to flick out the dust between glass and frame, and wipe the rest of the surface clean of dust with a dry dust cloth. 

Using rubbing alcohol and cotton, do a spot clean on areas of the mirror that toothpaste or grubby fingers have left marks. No need to soak – just dab some rubbing alcohol onto the glass and rub I circular motions. Work fast to avoid evaporation. 

For best results, give your mirrors a daily wipe down using a lint-free cloth. 


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