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The tenant-landlord relationship during COVID-19

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As we draw to the end of 2020, it’s time to start looking forward to a new year and new trends. If you’re a fan of giving your home a little freshen up each year, or you’re looking at buying a new property and kitting it out with the latest looks, this is top shelf reading for you!

Here are three trends that will dominate Australian homes in 2021.

Interior Design Trend 1: Neutral Luxe

This year, we’ve spent more time at home than ever thanks to COVID. We’ve decluttered and purged like Marie Kondo and because of this, we’re seeking homes that feel more refined. We’ve decided we want to embrace quality materials that feel striking and impressive, so when we’re hosting elaborate dinner parties in 2021 our interiors will look to be chic. It’s a buy once mentality – good for looks and the environment.

Is it for you?

If you already dig on luxe, then you’ll love this effortlessly sophisticated look. This trend is great for people that fancy calm colour palettes but are interested in exploring new tones too – a little muddier and more subdued.

The Neutral Luxe Colour Palette

The calm colour palette is key, but it’s important to look beyond white. Think light grey, plus a sea of browns from beige to caramel, camel and beyond. You may also want to include some black too – it’ll pop. Beige and browns will be your base with white and black as your accents.

Other Key Inclusions

One of the consistent factors you’ll see for this style is stone. Marble in coffee tables, marble in lamp bases, marble in candelabras and vases.

You’ll also notice interesting shapes come into play. With colours and patterns minimal, individual pieces with shape bring interest and create a luxurious look. Think curved armchairs, interesting profiles on sideboards and buffets, and detail-packed decor like candelabras, vases and sculptural ornaments.

Comfort is also a key part of this trend. Plush and inviting, your place will be a welcoming place for you and your guests – they may never want to leave!

Interior Design Trend 2: Earthy Organic

We’ve all become nature lovers this year. Before we stopped and stayed home our lives were dominated by gadgets and over-stimulation. Now we’re trying to minimise that where we can – though Zoom calls are the new battle. This look is like a gentle cocoon from the crazy world we’ve left behind.

Is it for you?

If you loved the all-white boho vibe, you’ll dig this. It’s really an extension of that look. It’s the same feel really with the main difference being abandoning ethereal bright white and bringing in some colour. It’s moodier, with depth and makes the home feel warm and layered.

The Earthy Organic Colour Palette

The colour palette for this 2021 interior design trend would be the most daring of the four. It asks you to embrace paint on walls – a gorgeous beige or subtle apricot to give your room the depth it needs to fully commit to the look. On top of that, you’ll have a balance of warm orange, red tones and cooler greens. Brown and white can be added in to bring calm and cosiness to each space.

Other Key Inclusions

It’s quite texturally diverse, so you’ll have many materials at play – hard and soft, smooth and rough. The interesting thing missing is shine. Avoid glossy finishes on decor and furniture to really channel that organic beauty of this trend.

There’s also a lot of softness at play through things like cushions and throws. Materials like wicker and rattan bring their own sense of detail. A lot of the decor will feature embellishments like tassels and pom poms, weaving and cable knits.

You may also want to display handmade pieces – ceramics, textural wall hangings and handcrafted furniture.

Interior Design Trend 3: California Cool

There are many reasons why this interior design trend for 2021 has become so prominent. One reason is the big movement toward sustainable living –  this look has a lot of pre-loved furniture in it. It also brings together four popular interior design styles, so there really is something for everyone. Many overseas designers are loving it too – bringing associated cool.

Is it for you?

Cali cool blends 4 designs – Scandi, mid-Century, Boho and Coastal. So if you like any of those looks, there’s a good chance you’ll like this too. It’s also super easy to work into your existing look.

The California Cool Colour Palette

If you love white, you’ll love this, because the base colour is light and bright. White is contrasted with a good dose of black in the Cali Cool trend, and then there’s warm oak and tan tones. Grey is a main player too. You’ll also have pops of deep blues and muddy greens.

Other Key Inclusions

The key to getting this look right is to blend new and old – that’s the first place to start. It’s not a look that’s all about new, mass-produced furniture. You need character and inspiring pieces – treasures, keepsakes, vintage. But it’s not a house of curios. The look has crispness and cleanliness at its core.

Mid-Century is the big influence here – and that’s something we need to embrace a little more here in Aus. You can embrace the mid-century look through furnishings and lighting.

What will you choose?

Just remember liking something is different to living with it. Make sure you factor your lifestyle and family members into your design choice. Bright white and toddlers or puppies don’t mix!

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