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Property: Apartment
Attributes: 1 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer 
Acquired Via: Unconditional Offer
Time to Acquisition: 10 days from service engagement

Being a young Gen Z in Sydney, it’s not easy to navigate the property market and know what information is fact and what is simply fiction. It’s also not easy to find something you’d like to call home when you’ve got a very modest budget.

Our client was looking for something that would serve them as a great stepping stone into the Sydney market, whilst also be a place they’d welcome calling home. The dream apartment was beyond their budget though…or was it?

Taking advantage of the days before Christmas, K&M managed to secure the perfect apartment at circa 10% below current market value. Timing was everything with this buy and we managed to make our Gen Z client’s dreams come true just in time for Christmas!

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