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Property: Unit
Attributes: 2 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer
Acquired Via: Off-Market purchase
Time to Acquisition: 4 weeks from service engagement

Being a First Home Buyer on a tight budget, but wanting to buy in a certain area that is typically expensive, meant we had to think outside the box and piece together a plan of action for our client.

Having a solid strategy underway, we set out to source just the right first home for our young client. We got so close the first time but the building had multiple defects and problems – we walked away at the 11th hour alas. 

Soon after, the team spotted this off-market and it was more than perfect! Some nifty negotiations took place, and then this off-market property found its new owner. Our happy client found her first Sydney apartment to call her very own.

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