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Striking interior design trends emerging in 2023

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If you’ve taken stock of your home décor lately and thought to yourself, “it’s all a bit bland, really”, it may be time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.  

2023 is the year for your interior design overhaul, and your trusty buyers advocate agency Kitty & Miles is all over it for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning interior design trends of the year so far! 


Merging outside with inside

I’m noticing a lot of home renovations and new home designs that blend the inside of the home with the backyard in some way or form. You may have seen this yourself in the way of a dining room boasting large bifold doors that open up to a back patio or courtyard. You’ve definitely seen it in alfresco restaurants. 

This emergence of biophilic design is turning dim or dingy rooms and hospitality venues into places of zen, by incorporating more natural light through well-placed windows and glass doors, creating a playful, fresh and functional indoor/outdoor space. 


Holiday nostalgia leading design

If you’re someone who loves trinkets, values special mementos from overseas trips or simply loves pieces that have been handed down from generation to generation, you can use this interest to your advantage. 

Experiences – especially those which enrich our cultural understanding and appreciation for art can actually be put to good (design) use in 2023! Whether it’s an ornate ceramic piece for the living room, a Mediterranean print tablecloth on the dining table, or a terracotta countertop in the kitchen, travel motifs and nostalgic mementos can really be what drives your interior design overhaul this year. 


Sculptures and textures

2023 will see an influx of soft leathers, textural timbers, rounded coffee tables and curved sofas, making this the year to explore all those fabulous fabrics you had your eyes on during the minimalist years! 

Velveteen will make a revival, and organic linens will be popular too. Layering different fabrics like these can make for a fun new feel, especially when paired with vibrant patterns and prints atop plain furniture, such as throw cushions on a lounge. 

Mixing eras, colours, patterns and textures in 2023 will make for especially playful décor atop your angular or curved furniture, too. 


Dining room décor and design

Once upon a time, long before social media, instant messaging and group chats, there were dinner parties. Friends or family would gather in the dedicated dining space and enjoy a well-thought out dining experience with their nearest and dearest – a feast complete with vases, flowers, special tableware and every piece of cutlery needed for an (at home) fine dining experience. 

Then as fast food become more affordable and much more abundant, the fine dining experience was abruptly removed from the home and taken to the restaurant instead. 

In 2023 following two years of on-again, off-again lockdowns, the dinner parties are making their way back into our lives, which means it’s time to pay attention to your dining room décor once more! 

If your plates and cutlery are looking a little worse for wear, invest in a new set of each, keeping them stored or displayed in a glass-door cabinet where they can be admired even when not in use. Grab a bargain at your nearest upmarket department store or dedicated kitchenware shop, as there are always amazing deals on quality dining ware throughout the year. 

Now take a look at your chairs. If the backs are a bit worn, you could buy or even make your own chair covers, choosing a colour that either blends in with your walls to give a more spacious feel, or choose deep and vibrant colours or patterns that complement a dinner setting. 

Got friends staying over after dinner? Why not dress up your dining space for Sunday breakfast? Replace dark shades in your tablecloths, placemats or chair covers with bright colours such as yellow or mint green for real retro vibes. Throw a few flowers in a vase, and voila! Your dinner space is transformed for a whole new dining experience come breakfast time.


I really do believe a home should reflect the homeowner’s personality. It is the place we spend the most of our time, and typically find the most comfort in being. That’s why at Kitty & Miles, when our clients tell us what they’re looking for in a home, we listen! 


Our Australian buyers agency will help you locate and buy your dream home. Just give us your criteria or needs and wants, and we will make it happen! Give us a call on (02) 8916 6172 or email our team at – we’re ready to help.

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