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The Must-Have Features in a Family Home for 2024

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Both family dynamics and the concept of the perfect home have evolved dramatically over the past 3 years. Today’s family home is not just a shelter; it’s a sanctuary that caters to the diverse needs of every family member. As we navigate a new era in housing post-COVID, the must-have features in a family home are changing. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade or searching for a new property, these trends will shape what you should look for in a family home in 2024.


Multifunctional Spaces

One of the most significant shifts in family home design is the emphasis on multifunctional spaces. Families today seek flexibility and adaptability in their homes. Open-plan living areas with movable partitions, foldable furniture, and sliding walls allow spaces to transform based on the family’s needs. A room that serves as a home office during the day can easily convert into a play area for the kids in the evening.


WFH/Home Office

While we’re on the topic of multifunctional spaces, let’s talk about the WFH office. Remote work and flexible work arrangements are here to stay. A dedicated home office or a well-designed workspace is essential. Look for homes with a designated area for productivity, complete with ample natural light and ergonomic furniture.

Whether it be an additional small bedroom, or a well-placed study nook that can be optimised, having a designated space that contains work-related tasks allows you to leave your work at the ‘office’ when you’re work day is done.


Outdoor Retreat

Connecting with nature and outdoor activities are highly valued. Homes with a well-designed outdoor area, whether it’s a garden, terrace, or balcony, provide a peaceful retreat for relaxation and family gatherings. Seek properties with outdoor spaces that cater to both adults and children.

This goes for apartment living as well. More and more folks are desiring a balcony or small outdoor zone that allows them to freely move outside of the confines of their apartment. Being able to flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors is where it is at in 2024.


Smart Home Technology

The integration of smart home technology continues to be a must-have. Smart thermostats, lighting, security systems, and appliances not only add convenience but also enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of the home. Ensure that the property is equipped with smart technology that makes daily life easier for everyone.

As we progress into 2024, smart homes are becoming more the norm than the tech fancy properties they were in 2020. If you want to keep your property asset optimised, be sure to implement current smart home technology and stay at the forefront of capital growth.


Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and energy efficiency are more important than ever. Look for homes with features like solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and insulation that reduce energy costs and contribute to a healthier environment. Even features such as a pressure limiting shower head, half-flush toilet cistern, or the good ole’ dishwasher pack a punch on energy cost savings for you.

As we become a more eco-conscious community, energy efficiency becomes not just a money-saving strategy but one that is integral to our planet’s survival. Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. You’ll save hundreds of dollars and Mother earth as well.


Family-Centric Layout

Family homes should offer a layout that allows for privacy when needed and fosters togetherness when desired. Homes with well-defined family areas and private spaces are highly desirable. Think en-suite bedrooms for parents, kids’ bedrooms with their own bathroom, and ample storage to keep the home clutter-free.

Many family homes of 4+ bedrooms are now also requiring multiple living zones. It’s not enough to have one living room. With the need for privacy and working from home routines, having multiple living areas allows for not cramping anyone’s style. 2024 is going to expand this notion further as we see more multi-generational living and dual occupancy dwellings.


High-Quality Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, but now it’s more vital than ever. Seek homes with high-quality kitchens featuring the latest appliances, ample counter space, and storage. An open-concept kitchen that seamlessly connects to the living and dining areas is a bonus for family gatherings and entertainment.

As the focal centrepiece of today’s home, the kitchen is becoming a casual entertainment space that requires dining facilities (e.g. breakfast bar or oversized eat-in counter) as well as a Butler’s pantry to store a range of small appliances, pantry items and miscellaneous clutter. This leaves the kitchen itself as the chit-chat zone of the home should guests decide to pop in.


Child-Friendly Features

If you have children, consider homes with child-friendly features, such as a fenced backyard, childproof design, and proximity to parks, schools, and recreational areas. Gone are the days of driving 10 minutes to the park. The home of 2024 is within walking distance to the local playground / park, an easy stroll to the local supermarket, and has coffee shop stops for mom within a 10 minute walking radius. Safety and accessibility are crucial…as is keeping mom’s sanity.

Child-friendly features now also loosely include school catchment areas. Many families are choosing to purchase a home that is within their children’s targeted school catchment zone.


Storage Solutions

A well-organized home is a happy home. Look for properties with plenty of built-in storage solutions, such as walk-in or built-in closets, walk-in pantries, and additional garage storage. Attics are also now highly sought after due to the expansive extra storage space they can provide. Backyard pods are becoming more on trend also as they provide additional weather-proof storage options. The more organized your space, the easier it is to maintain a clutter-free environment.


The must-have features in a family home in 2024 reflect the changing dynamics of modern families. Homes need to adapt to the demands of remote work, personal well-being, and the desire for multifunctional spaces. Whether you’re in the market for a new family home or looking to upgrade your current one, considering these features will help you create a harmonious and accommodating space for you and your loved ones. Your family home should be more than just a place to live; it should be a place to thrive. Looking for a Buyers Advocate to help you find your dream home? I may just know someone… Please drop me a line via and I’ll assist you without fail.

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