What is a buyers agent?

A Buyers Agent is a licensed real estate professional that may act as an agent on behalf of a buyer when purchasing property. There are other names for a Buyers Agent, such as buyers advocate or home buying agent. Each of these terms essentially means the same thing – a person who is representing you (as the buyer) in the purchase of property.

A Buyers Agent (or buyers advocate / home buying agent) works exclusively for those wishing to buy property.  Buyers Agents never work on behalf of the real estate sales agent or the seller (vendor) of property. As such, a Buyers Agent is an expert in the art of purchasing real estate as it is their sole focus in property.

The job of a Buyers Agent is to source the most suitable property for their client to acquire, according to their client’s individual requirements. Further, a Buyers Agent is an expert at negotiating a good sales price for their client and closing the property deal quickly and smoothly (saving their client both time and money).

A top notch Buyers Agent will undertake the property purchasing process using the following 5 strategic elements in order:

  1. Initial Client Consultation;
  2. Service Engagement with Client;
  3. Briefing Meeting with Client;
  4. Property Research and Analysis; and
  5. Property Acquisition and Settlement.

By using the above steps, a Buyers Agent will secure your desired property quickly and at the best price, saving you time, money and stress.

Sometimes a client has sourced their own property and is looking for assistance with just the evaluation and negotiation part. In this case steps 1 through 5 still apply. However, the property research component of step 4 will not be included in these situations. 

Rest assured that a Buyers Agent, while working in the real estate industry, does not side with sellers, or real estate sales agents, in any way during their property purchasing process. A Buyers Agent is advocating for you, their client, in the sales process and will work tirelessly to ensure their client purchases the best property for the lowest price possible.

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