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Why covering your pool is imperative this winter

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There’s no denying that spa and pool covers can save you time on cleaning, but did you know they can also save you money? Covering your pool means you can cut down on energy use and costs while minimising evaporation. So let’s take a look at how this works.

You’ve just spent your Sunday getting your swimming pool looking crystal clear. The aqua-painted concrete is practically glowing, and there’s not a leaf or bug to be seen on the surface of your pool. Total bliss!

Then you go to sleep… and when you wake on Monday morning, you’re greeted with an unpleasant surprise. There have been strong winds overnight and your beautiful pool is covered in a blanket of leaves, twigs, and insects, as well as bits of rubbish from the primary school up the road. So much for your Sunday elbow grease!

Let’s avoid this in the future and get real for a moment, guys. A small investment into a pool cover will save you time and effort in the future, as well as money spent re-cleaning your pool with all the bits and bobs you need to do so – including the ol’ pool vacuum. But why else is nabbing yourself a pool cover totally necessary this winter?


Minimise use of chemicals

You know me. Where there’s an eco-friendly option, I’ll take it. As pool chemicals can be detrimental to your health (red eyes, allergies, asthma, anyone?), your new pool cover is awesome as it can actually reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by a whopping 35-60%.


Conserve water

When your pool is left uncovered, the water slowly evaporates over time. And what do you do with a pool that’s looking a little empty? You use the garden hose to fill it up… which costs money. Don’t throw your hard-earned cash down the drain. Invest in a pool cover to help conserve the water by minimising the chances it will evaporate over time.


Retain heat in your swimming pool

Got a heated pool? Well, aren’t you fancy! To reduce heat loss (and in turn decrease your next energy bill), cover your pool at night. The cover will keep your pool water warm throughout the evening – even while the temperature continues to drop. Planning a morning dip? Now you can have that super-early swim in warm water you’ve conserved from the day before. Neat!

Less Maintenance

Life seems to get busier the older you get, right? Why waste time on repetitive pool vacuuming if you can avoid it completely? Once you’ve invested in that swimming pool cover, I keep harping on about, you can enjoy vacuuming less often and for shorter periods of time.


Improved safety

I bet you’ve been imagining a standard vinyl pool cover, right? Well, did you know there are different types of pool covers available, including solar covers, tarps and fibreglass mesh covers?

I especially like fibreglass mesh when it comes to covering a pool, as it is sturdy and – if installed correctly (hire a professional if you’re unsure), will prevent people from falling into the water! As some fibreglass mesh covers can hold up to 180 kilograms per square foot, you bet your bottom dollar I would recommend this style to anyone concerned about accidents occurring poolside – especially if you have children.


Easy to use

Tarps and vinyl covers are easy enough to place over your pool, especially if you have a second set of hands there to help you. If you can afford an automatic track for your fibreglass mesh cover that closes at the press of a button, you should definitely take up this option.

If you can spend less time fussing around at the edge of the pool and close your pool off to everyone at the click of a button, I’m all for it. But most of all, I want to see you saving money on energy and water consumption, because if I can help you pay off your mortgage sooner, save up for a deposit on an investment property, or even just allow you to order Uber Eats on the regular, I will.  


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