Property Appraisal reports

We offer the simplicity of purchasing a property appraisal report for any property you are interested in purchasing.

For your convenience reports may be purchased individually or, if you are interested in more than one property, as a package for added value.

At Kitty & Miles we understand you may not always be seeking the services of a buyer’s agent to assist you with your property purchase. Sometimes you just wish you had a little bit of extra knowledge about a particular property to assist you to make an educated decision.

Our property appraisal reports are research and data-driven. Each report provides you with a thorough toolkit of information on your target property. In the rapidly changing property market every bit of buyer leverage you may obtain puts you ahead of the pack. Allow our property appraisal reports to give you the lead in your property acquisition.


Each property appraisal report includes:

  • An estimated value of the property, including a lower and upper price range;
  • The sales history of the property, including date of last sale, price at sale, days on the market etc;
  • Council development application submissions and costings;
  • Complete rental history of the property including weekly rent paid;
  • Details of comparable properties current on the market for sale;
  • Details of comparable properties that have sold within the past 12 months;
  • Property zoning, lot and council details;
  • Site valuation information;
  • Key metrics of the target property’s suburb : sales activity, price growth and rental yield.


Each property appraisal report will assist you by providing you with:

  • A realistic appraisal price of your property of interest, including lower and upper price limits;
  • A clearer picture of the likely sale price of the property and why;
  • An understanding of whether the property has been owner occupied or used as an investment property;
  • Historical capital growth figures;
  • Historical rental yield figures;
  • Details of current properties on the market that are sales competition / comparison;
  • Details of comparable properties’ sales prices over the past 12 month period;
  • Information regarding development applications, their approximate cost and submission date;
  • Property information usually reserved for property professionals.


Appraisal Report Costs including GST

Individual report : $200

Pack of 3 reports : $550

Pack of 5 reports : $800

Pack of 10 reports : $1500

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