Stamp Duty. Two Words That Are Right Up There With Parking Inspector

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While it’s never been a popular tax, it’s recently gained a bit more airtime since COVID hit. State Governments are looking at a more broad-based tax system, as the Federal Government looks at a range of emergency plans and reforms to get the economy back on track…

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Home Buyer Traps

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Whether you’re a newbie to the property market or already a seasoned buyer, there are more than a few watch outs with purchasing your most valuable asset. At every stage of your buying journey, there are little tricks and traps that can cause upset if you’re not on your game….

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BOOM! The Watch List for 2020

Property Hot Spots 2020

It’s a new decade and while there’s no get rich quick property investing schemes (is there ever really?), there are definitely some key areas to look at for long-term growth. Let’s look into the property crystal ball for 2020…

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