Regional property ownership 101!

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With more people relishing the ability to work from home, it’s no wonder the idyllic image of rural life has people ready to up and move to the country in search of a ‘better life’.

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2022: a year in review and my predictions for 2023!

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Many first homebuyers managed to nab their first home with our professional help, while others sold their homes above asking price and were able to successfully relocate, downgrade or upgrade their home for a fresh new start. What a time! But where is this all going? Let’s take a look

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7 pet-friendly plants for your interior

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If you’re in the mood to dress up your home’s interior with a little greenery, what better way to do it than with carefully curated indoor plants that are safe for your pets, too!

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Is the unpredictable housing market beginning to ease?

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Could it really be happening? Could the housing market be entering a more stable period?

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